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Creative Content

Zeb Productions specialises in bringing stories to visual form in a powerful and authentic way. We strive on socially engaging and uplifting stories, narrative that encourages dialogue and inspire society to reflect on itself.



We have an eye for a good story, appropriate equipment and adequate storytelling abilities to bring your story to life. Our aspiration is to achieve aesthetic perfection, while maintaining the client’s vision. Our readiness to collaborate with others and commitment to our craft assures the best results


Cinematography Service

Director of Photography with great lighting skills

Short & feature films

Drama series





Sony Fx9 Full Frame Camera

Sony PZ 28-135 mm Lens

650 watts CINELIGHT Fresnel lights

Edit facility - Final Cut Pro X  

Your production requirements are more ambitious than this list? Our relationship with rental companies in Amsterdam assures that we can achieve any production need.

Creative Development

Director for Film and Documentary

We develop short to long form narrative projects for Non-Profit Organisation and Independent filmmaker who is looking to see their projects from script to screen. Let Zeb Productions be your partner.



Concept to Screen

You have an idea or fully fledged concept? We would like to work with you to put that idea into visual form. We will discuss your concept, help you film it and finally put it together at our studio. 


About Us


Zeb productions is the company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but offer services world wide. We provide Direction and Cinematography services . We cater for all type and size of productions, from mid to high end. The company is founded by Zeb Ngobese in 2013.

Zeb holds dual citizenships, South Africa and The Netherlands. While in South Africa Zeb enjoyed the privilege of working with local and international companies as Cinematographer. The local content he pride himself to have worked on includes Master Chef South Africa and Survivor to name but the few and international projects includes traveling the African continent shooting content for MTV, United Nations, and National Geographic. 

In the Netherlands Zeb has collaborated with Directors like Farshad Aria, as well as other cinematographers such as Gabor Deak and Stefano Bertacchini.

Zeb has an exceptional lighting skills, he has worked as a gaffer for both film and commercials. ENG and Reality TV background contributes to Zeb's intuitive and good eye for the shot even in a stressful environment. 

As a Cinematographer/Director, Zeb bring together all his extensive experience he has acquired over the years to produce compelling images. 

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our business. Zeb Productions would like to be your partner and help you bring your vision to the screen. We have the resources and skills, so If you have an upcoming project, get in touch today, you have a partner you can trust. 



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